Selectmen Meeting Agenda

                         5 Kennebec St. at 7:00 pm

                               February 12, 2019

  1. Somerset County Commissioners District Caucus
  2. Minutes of January 28 2019 Board of Selectmen meeting.
  3. Warrants
  4. Financials
  5. Department heads
  6. Sewer Abatements
  7. Selectmen concerns
  8. Public session
  9. Executive Session pursuant to M.R.S.A 405(6)(E) Legal counsel
  10. Adjourn



New Landfill Stickers are required to enter Norridgewock Landfill

February 12, 2018


The Town of Anson has NEW landfill stickers that we have been using for almost a year now. The Norridgewock Landfill will let all Anson residents know of this change and have them come into the Town Office to receive their Free replacement sticker. You now need that new sticker in order to go to the Norridgewock Landfill.

The stickers will now expire when your vehicle registration expires. So, in the future you will need to let us know that you are in need of a new sticker. We put the expiration date on all stickers.

If you have any questions about this new process, feel free to contact us at the Anson Town Office at 696-3979 or 696-8053



Town of Anson Staff.

Debit/Credit cards

The Town of Anson is pleased to announce that we now Accept Debit/Credit cards. There will be a 2.5% convenience fee added to each transaction